About the Game

In Lone Spelunker, you play the role of a brave (but stupid) lone spelunker who has discovered a cave system and wants to be the first to explore it.  Your only goal is to have fun exploring the cave system, get yourself into all the interesting nooks and crannies, and discover amazing places deep underground where no one has ever stepped foot before.

On your adventures, you will:
  • Discover fantastic and beautiful flowstone formations
  • Rappel into massive chasms that plunge hundreds of meters into the earth
  • Crawl through tight passages on your hands and knees
  • Scuba-dive in lakes which have never seen the sun
  • Free-climb sheer rock faces, and zipline back down
  • Make newsworthy discoveries of interest to future spelunkers, biologists, and geologists
Lone Spelunker is a browser-based HTML5 game that you can play in your browser window.  It is currently under development.