Thursday, September 18, 2014


So I had an idea in the shower the other day for Lone Spelunker.  One of the cool things about exploring caves is being able to convey to others how interesting and exciting the places you have been are.

So I decided to add a feature that lets you take selfies while you explore:

Here's a selfie I took while exploring Devil's Pitchfork, one of the pre-generated caves in the game.  I'm in the cavern dubbed "Demon's Pitch", which is 75 meters below the entrance of the cave.

Your selfies are the only thing that you can carry from game to game; otherwise, the game is solidly "perma-death".  Your camera roll carries over even if you die in a cave, so that you can have a chronicle of all your adventures.  You can even export your selfies as PNG files.

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