Saturday, March 5, 2016

End-of-Day Screenshot for "No Crypto For Old Men"

It's been a long day of game-jam-level development, and I have a lot of cool stuff to show for it.  Here's a screenshot showing the game in its current state:

This screenshot may be a little misleading, so let me explain that not all of what is shown here is actually working.  Some of this content is "mockup" content.  For instance, while the help and the cmd and the legend commands are all actually working, the interactive scan command is not.  And the map has nodes that look pretty but have no code backing them up to cause them to function in the manner they will in the final game (but the framework is there to add it).

I have it working now where you can wander around the network, and do a few rudimentary interactions with nodes.  I'm pretty pleased with how it feels; I just hope that it doesn't feel too overwhelming to players to have to learn a little proto-OS in order to play (although I think that's exactly what will make this feel like you are a clever hacker).

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