Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tutorial Videos

Lone Spelunker has a unique control system among games, to say the least.  Because of the curious nature of the interaction with the environment, there are several new game mechanics that are specific to this game.

That comes with it the challenge of teaching people how to play.  One of the things I'm doing to address that is, along with the instructions, make some instructional videos that not only teach you how to play, but can also be viewed in a "just in time learning" context when you need help with a specific problem.

I'm not entirely happy with the production quality of the videos, sadly, but if I'm going to hit that December release date for the closed beta, I can't spend months on them.  They're not terrible, and I think they convey what they need to, but if I can, I hope to revisit them after the beta to give them title slides, better audio engineering, and some editing to chop out some of my hemming and hawing in the discussion of the various topics.

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