Wednesday, March 11, 2015

7DRL Wednesday Update

So, Wednesday has come and gone, and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.  Not being able to work on the game all day is taking its toll on progress.  Originally, I'd planned to take the week off of work, but as that has fallen through, my development time is much more constrained.

Sadly, this is manifesting itself in me doing things the "quick and dirty" way instead of the "smart" way.  With more time, I'd have structured this beast a little better.  Such are the wages of game jams, though - I'm used to it.

New features today:

  • Actual text styles.  Instead of defining each text field, I can now just say, 'give me a header'.
  • Enemy actions.  The enemy can now apply wounds to soldiers when they attack.
  • Wounds.  Soldiers now bleed from their wounds, and can die.  I still need to remove the soldiers who die from the game, but that shouldn't be too troublesome.
  • Various bug fixes.

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