Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 1 Progress

So, I managed to get a good block of time to work on Ardennes today.  Here's what the game currently looks like:

This is all being drawn in an HTML5 Canvas.  The graphics (hexes, soldiers, etc.) were created before the competition for a tabletop board game I'd designed earlier, and were easily re-purposed to this context.  I'm using a Javascript library I made for rendering a scenegraph of view objects.

The map is draggable, and you can click on the hexes and tokens to trigger code that will eventually show detail views of these items.  (Currently, it just triggers alert messages.)  It also has a working game loop that lets me swap out controllers of different types to handle different parts of each turn (such as swapping between the Axis turns and Allies turns).

Overall, things are going fairly well, although it's taking a lot longer to create the interface elements than I'd hoped.  This really drives home how simple HTML is for layout out UI elements!  But I think the game is at least fairly attractive and easy to understand.

I'm worried that the abstract nature of the actions and the turn-based motion of the soldiers is going to make this feel more like a board game than a roguelike.  It would be a fair criticism, probably.  I'm still planning on getting a lot of roguelike elements into the game - permadeath, procedurally generated deadly environments, turn-based, tile-based, etc., but it would probably be fair to say that this will be a lot less "roguelike" than other projects that are likely to be entered which are more true to the historical conventions of roguelike games.  Doesn't matter; I'm not doing this to win.  I'm doing this to have fun and hopefully help other people have fun, too.

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