Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 2 Progress

Got a lot of work done on my 7DRL entry, Ardennes, today.

Mostly, I worked on various UI affordances, and some underlying structure behind the scenes.

I ran into a few troubles today, both on the game mechanics and the implementation side, but I've now managed to iron them out and have a path forward.   Things that are currently working:

  • Inspectable map.  You can drag the map around, click on hexes, soldiers, and "challenge" icons to see what each element on the map is.  For instance, the screenshot above is what you might see if you click on a "Grenade!" challenge.
  • Turns are working.  The game alternates between "Axis" and "Allies" turns.
  • Some of the resource-management mechanics are working.  Instead of managing inventory items in this game, you manage your "focus".  Each soldier basically has three "focus cards" that allow that soldier to focus on particular tasks.  Each turn, the oldest card is discarded, and a new card is selected.  The cards grant "focus", which allows you to roll more dice when confronting various challenges, and they also can sometimes grant new action types.  For instance, a rifle might give a soldier a +1 Firepower focus bonus, whereas binoculars might give a soldier both a +1 Recon focus bonus and a special action type that allows him to reconnoiter surrounding hexes.  The framework for these "focus cards" is almost all working.
  • The movement focus action is working, so now you can select a move action, be presented with a bunch of hexes you could move to, select one, and your soldier will move into that hex.

Overall, I'd say its coming along well, but there's still a lot of work to be done.  Since I'm not taking this coming week off of work as I'd planned, I'm having to cut back on the scope, but hopefully, I'll have something playable by the end of the week...

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