Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Arkham After Midnight" is now playable

Arkham After Midnight
 is now playable!

It doesn't have nearly the scope and diversity of plot elements I was hoping for, but it certainly serves as a strong tech demo for what I was thinking of.  If the game gains a lot of traction, I can fairly easily extend it with new content so that new mysteries can be generated (although I have since had some better ideas as to how to structure mysteries, so once the time pressure is done, I'd like to revisit the mystery creation process).

I'd also like to add in support for fan-created ploxels.  Since Lua has a way of building in sandboxed support for loading scripted content, it seems like this would be the perfect sort of game to support it. Fans could make their own "ploxels" and submit them to a central archive, and then you could download them, drop them into your "mysteries" folder, and get whole new adventures generated for you.

But for now, head on over to and check it out.  It's short and sweet, but hopefully you will enjoy it!

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